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The New Obcession -- Creating Magickal Objects

Aside from my own going physical transformation focus in magick, i've found myself very very very intrigued by the prospect of creating magickal items. For me, the reason for this interest because the magick that I have practiced has been largely momentary. That is... I can send a brief impulse, make something happen in the present, however enduring long standing effects have always been extremely difficult for me to hold on to. Although it may seem that physical transformation is a long standing effect, it's not really. It's a change ... it happens in the present... and then doesn't go back.

In the case of a magick item however, you're giving whatever you spell you cast a means to remain continually present. This sounds like a darn good idea to me, so for the past little while I have been working on creating said items.

In the past few days I have been doing a bit more experimentation by creating a ... well I haven't named it yet... but I suppose "Enchanting Jar" would work. It doesn't really do anything by itself, however it's intent is to magnify the potency of any objects placed within it. This can be very helpful when creating new items, or renewing the vigor of old ones.

First and foremost I've learned that intuition does wonders. Make a general plan for your spell or ritual but if something feels right that was unexpected... GO WITH IT. What I had origionally thought was that this would be a one night spell that would then remain dormant for a little while while the object gathered energy. That didn't happen. This is the third day of ritual, and said rituals will continue until sunday night.

I'm getting really tired now so I'm not going to discuss the actual creation process right now because I wouldn't be able to do it justice. No less, I will say that for the first two days there was a touch of questioning if what I was doing would effect the jar, however tonight when I lit the three silver candles surrounding it... the only appropiate phrase to say was "Holy crap that's charged!" I don't even like the word 'charged' for things like this, but no less I said it anyways. There was so much force present that the jar to my hands was like a magnet pushing away. No less, I persisted, and I can safely say that everything that I was pushing on (divinity) became contained inside. The purpose of the Silver candles proceeding three red ones the first night, three purple taper candles and three purple tea lights on the second night, and three purple taper candles tonight (the third night), was to solidify all the energy that had been channeled the past few days. After the silver candles have gone out, tomorrow I will begin working with 3 gold ones for success, and proceed with ... other colors... likely yellow, orange, and pink, to demonstrate that the object is fluid, renewable, and able to absorb many types of energy. Finally, on the 6th day (double happiness as they say in China), I will concluded with some combination of candles that I haven't decided yet. most likely more silver or gold ones.

If tonight is any indication, I have a hunch that this little thingie is going to be damn effective. I always love it when magick crosses the line between spiritual and physical. The physical force I felt tonight There is alot to be said for intuition.
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