Paradox (girlabomination) wrote in songofdivinity,

A Brief Introduction

This is the first posting for the community. I am presently at work on lunch break now, so unfortunately there are time constraints, and will not be able to make as detailed a post that I would like to. No less, I will begin introducing the project that lead to the birth of this community.

As many of you may or may not know I have been working for almost the entire past year on the process of physically transforming myself from male to female via meditation and magick.

Early on in this process, I came up with the idea of creating subliminal audio recordings to assist in this evolution by complimenting the meditations had been performing, as well as any 'spells' that were cast. I have meticulously photographically documented the process from the very first first month to the present. I can now say (as the pictures will show), that the process have been very effective. Even now the process continually evolves with the hopes of one day finding the proper combination of activitites to deliver not only rapid, but lasting results.

Although everything I have done has been quite successful for me, it is now time to branch out not only by finding new applications for what I have been doing, but also to include other people in the research. For now, I feel the most beneficial means of doing so is to explore subliminal messaging.

To date I have made all of the recordings have been made by myself for my own personal obejctives.

The three methods I have used are as follows:

Whispering -- This is the most famous means of messaging. In essence, a quite voice speaks in the background that is so quiet that it can not be consciously understood or even heard. This voice implants suggestions for your mind and body to perform.

Reverse Messanging -- Similiar to whispers, these voices also are too quiet to be understood by the human ear, however they are played in reverse. Some people's minds actually react better to this type of presentation than having the messaged played forward.

Bineural Beats -- Utilizing bineaural beats requires a separate tone to be played in both the left ear and the right ear. These tones inspire different types of brain activity that may assist whatever you are trying to perform. What brain frequency is inspired depends on the net frequency between the tones. For example, if one tone is played at 400hz and another at 407 hz, the brain will syncronize to 7 hz. Different frequencies are more beneficial to some tasks than others. The brain can be encouraged to enter Alpha, Beta, Theta or Delta wave patterns, and within these brackets even the slight difference in frequency can make a difference in the what process you are trying to assist

Now, I realize that not everyone here is looking to realize the same transformation I am undergoing, so I will be making other recordings to assist in different kinds of spells. Love, Protection, Body Alteration, and plenty of other themes have been suggested. What I need from you all is to respond in this forum and state your preference of where to begin. Once we have agreed on a specific application I will begin working on the first generation recording.

Okay, time to get back to work!
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