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The Song of Divinity

A place for magickal evolution.

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Welcome to the Song of Divinity!

This community is devoted specifically to Magickal experimentation. Just as humanity will evolve so too shall magick. We do not reject the "Old Ways," but rather evolve them in search of the most rewarding practice possible suitable to our present era.

By it's very nature, the Song of Divinity community is eclectic. Some people believe that all religions are have at least some truth in them. It is through exploration of multiple practices, and our personal observation that we might one day find greater truth to and the power to, at our fullest poetnial, change this world for the better.

All paths of spirituality and mysticism are welcome. All practices that are considered to be questional the greater community which we live in are welcome as well -- for example sublmininal messaging as a means of body transformation.

The one rule I have is that no practice that is intionally used to harm others be discussed here. I can not condone or directly support in on account of my moral standards.

To avoid "Trolls" this community requires moderater approval to join. If I have not invited you personally, please answer the following questions and e-mail them to SongOfDivinity @ AOL . com (no spaces). I hope you all can understand the reason for this. It is important that this community be populated by genuine practitioners, and that skeptics and 'haters' be avoided.


What is your User Name?

What is your name (or name you prefered to be called online)?

Why are you interested in joining this community?

What is your current mystical practice?

Do you identify with any one school of thought or religion (example: Wicca, Buddhism, etc.)?

What are your views on alternate paths of spirituality?

Lastly, do you believe in the evolution of magick?

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