Paradox (girlabomination) wrote in songofdivinity,

Good News

I discovered today some rules and common standards in terms of copyright law and recordings. This is a good thing because it means that I should be able to distribute the subliminal recordings using whatever music without too much fear of potential legal troubles. Not that most people would care about such a small distribution, but in case it were to come up I should be okay.

This had been holding me back from jumping in and pushing on with the project. Now I know I can -- woo hoo!!

On another note, I have a ton of pending members, but no one has answered the requested questions and e-mailed me. Sorry, I'm pretty firm on this. I don't want anyone here that's going to bring down the community. There are a few simple questions... I don't need an essay... I'll read them, and then approve.
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